Local councils of Jisr al Shughour and Al Ghadfa have simultaneously issued statements threatening those who support settlement with the Syrian government.

According to the statement issued by Jisr al Shughour council, the settlement supporters will face “just retribution”. In turn, Al Ghadfa council threatened to take “decisive measures” against those who “spread the spirit of defeat” and attempt to convince people to lean in favor of the government.

Yesterday, three civilians were detained by Hayat Tahrir al Sham group (HTS) under the accusation of co-operating with the Syrian government and the Russian military.

According to the group’s statement, the detained were gathering information about the militants’ positions in Idlib city to trasfer it to Syrian security services in Hama as well as the Russian military.

In the recent months, Idlib province has witnessed a rise in the infighting between the armed opposition groups, specifically HTS and ISIS. Dozens of militants of both terror groups were killed in the sporadic clashes and assassinations.

On the other hand, it was reported that the armed opposition factions active in Idlib are being forced to unite by the Turkish authorities, who seek to retain its influence in the northwestern province.

A meeting between commanders of armed opposition factions active in Idlib province was held in Turkey’s capital Ankara last weekend, opposition sources reported.

According to the reports, the commanders were summoned by the Turkish authorities to brief them on the action plan for Idlib in addition to the participation in the 10th round of Astana talks scheduled for this Monday.

The sources added that two weeks ago another meeting between the leaders of the armed factions was hold at Turkey’s request in Idlib. The discussion reportedly centered on uniting the efforts in preparation for the possible offensive of the government forces. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Jabhat Tahrir Souria, Jabhat Watania li Tahrir and Jaysh al Izza.