The Norwegian-trained Revolutionary Command Army group is reportedly waging a war against the Syrian leadership and government forces.

According to the Norwegian daily newspaper Klassekampen, the rebel group is now openly fighting for a regime change in Syria, while also being an important part of the US’s efforts to prevent Iranian influence in the region.

Revolutionary Command Army commander Muhannad al-Talla confirmed to Klassekampen that his group was trained by Norwegians in al-Tanf in Southeastern Syria, where the US also has a base.

“From the very beginning, I’ve been completely aware that I’m fighting “the Islamic State” and the al-Assad forces. ISIS is not gone but is clearly weakened. Now the priority is the fight Assad,” al-Talla admitted to Klassekampen.

“It is true that the current balance of power favors Assad. But we will never let him have peace. Even if he wins the war, we will continue to make his life sad for him,” al-Talla said.

FSA spokesman and counselor Ibrahim al-Idlibi confirmed to Klassekampen that Norway-trained militia took part in the struggle against Assad associated forces, such as the operation “The Country is Ours” carried out in May and June 2017.

According to al-Idlibi, the goal of Revolutionary Command Army and same rebel groups is to “fight Iranian and Shia groups” in the area. Al-Idlibi claims that the fight will continue “until the mission is complete.”


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