The Turkish authorities covered almost the full spectrum of life in the captured areas of Northern Syria.

There has been large displacement of Kurdish population from Aleppo province after the Euphrates shield and the Olive branch military operations. Turkey carries out the settlement process by its loyal people. Moreover, Ankara gives the Turkish citizenship to displaced Syrian refugees who located in Turkey.

Turkish officers and representatives of special forces were designated as chiefs of local administrations. TSK soldiers also run the “Free police” in Northern areas. Ankara also issues ID cards tied to the Turkish Ministry of the Interior for local residents.

The education is fully controlled by local local “governors” who were selected from among TSK officers and representatives of special forces. School curricula contain a large number of hours of the Turkish language.

Turkey also has changed the names of towns, villages, schools, streets, squares, etc. And, almost everywhere, local authorities hang Turkish flags and portraits of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Also Turkey took control over the humanitarian segment, urban development, financial activities, telecommunication industry, postal service and health care.

Thus, Turkey seeks to cultural and branding expansion. According to experts opinion, Ankara will hold a referendum on occupied territories’ unification with Turkey. It may be assumed that the Northern part of Aleppo province and the Great Idlib can repeat the fate of former Syrian province of Liwa Iskenderun (now it is the Turkish province of Hatay).

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