Non-humanitarian convoy

Washington blew a hype over so-called attack on humanitarian convoy. Now there is a drone shut vids dwelling across YouTube demonstrating a rebels’ mounted MG pickup towing 120-mm mortar that was moving along with the convoy. So, that immediately arouses an issue on convoy’s humanitarity.

In fact, the convoy whose identity and type of cargo still stays unknown moved in the hostilities-ridden region stuffed with the militants. Even if the trucks were destroyed by Russian or Syrian aircraft that makes absolutely no problem since the extremists’ rear convoy has been demolished. On the other hand, there is evidence that this “humanitarian convoy” was destroyed by the rebels themselves in order draw public’s attention far away from the US-led coalition attack on the surrounded SAA personnel in Deir Ezzor. The pics of destroyed convoy play a leading part in favor of this theory. They obviously depicted the trucks being just burnt, having no traces of contact with aircraft or artillery munitions as well as there was no single crater on the ground. No corpses of crew were actually displayed, and those in the photos do not claim to be exactly from the scene.

Therefore a trivial task to draw the attention away from Deir Ezzor is now being essentially carried out. The story of the mentioned “humanitarian convoy” will be taken advantage of for some time just to sow seeds of Assad’s blame for the failure of the ceasefire into reach Syria’s soil. Anyway after the “mistaken” strike in Deir Ezzor Obama’s administration needs badly a bunch of facts to build up a coup against Damascus and Moscow to not comply with the truce terms.

By the way, the Saudi Arabia airforce has recently attacked a bus carrying civilians in Yemen. The airstrike then resulted in 15 people killed, including 12 children. But UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon didn’t condemn on the Saudis and Washington didn’t demand to stop senseless attacks from Riyadh.

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