syria-poll-us-opposedAmericans narrowly support the recent US missile attack on Syria, a poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC shows. At the same time, according to the survey’s results, the American people do not want new strikes.

The poll, involving 900 adults from across the country, indicates that 51% of respondents support the April 7 missile attack on Syria’s Shayrat air base while 40% do not approve of it. Among Republicans, 86% of those polled expressed support while 11 opposed the attack. As for Democrats, 59% were against the strike with 37% supporting it.

At the same time, as many as 54% of the poll’s participants said they did not want new US military operations against the Syrian government, however, 35% of those polled showed willingness to support additional strikes. The Washington Post’s publication on the survey’s results was accompanied by photos which showed protesters holding posters reading “Stop the war in Syria,” “Syria’s blood on Washington’s hands,” “Hands off Syria,” “Money for jobs, schools and healthcare, not war in Syria.”

The poll also finds that after the April 7 attack, confidence in Trump’s leadership did not change much as 25% of those surveyed said they were more confident, 28% pointed out that they had become less confident while 43% said it made no difference for them.

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