AIR_F-16s_USAF_Iraq_lg-678x381The number of civilians killed by the US-backed coalition’ air strikes since its intervention in Syria reached to 2286 civilians, according to a report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Since 23 September 2014, and until 23 September 2017, the international coalition forces have killed at least 2,886 civilians, including 674 children and 504 women.

The report pointed out that international coalition was responsible for 124 massacres at least, and no less than 157 incidents of attack on vital civilian facilities. Furthermore, the coalition should address the ramifications of all of these violations, and try as much as possible to avoid such incidents in the future.

The report called on the states of the coalition to unequivocally and truly acknowledge that some of the bombardment operations have resulted in the killing of innocent civilians.

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