Local Footage Shows Incendiary Airstrikes on Syria’s Teir Maalah Village, Northern Homs Province

Claimed footage of an airstrike of incendiary munition on Teir Maalah village in northern Homs Province

Link: http://sendvid.com/picsgcgg?secret=cd8d9f5c-89a7-4631-aa73-2f7c622a3c37

SPG and MLRS can also be equipped with incendiary shells . These types of munitions have been widely produced in the U.S. China, Iran, North Korea and the USSR. Opposition activists and rebels also said the Syrian military tried to storm Jobar, an area in northeast Damascus but were repelled. State media claimed rebels violated the ceasefire by shelling the adjacent neighborhood of Qaboun, wounding three people.

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