SMM Syria publishes a tape script of the video revealing White Helmets preparations for the chemical attack false flag in Idlib.

– As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you)!
– Salam!
– Why are you late?
– There were crowded streets.
– OK, be sited.
– Is every cameraman ready?
– Yes, we are ready.
– We have to make it more real and not like last time. Get everybody in filming! We need to make sure that all people believe in authenticity.
– We are ready!
– Who will pour water? Are you ready?
– Yes, we are ready.
– Everybody should be well prepared. We have to make it look real.
– Who will put hoses? Are you ready?
– Yes, we are ready.
– You should perfectly play a role! You have to make as truthful as possible.
– The one who will be poisoned, let us see your part. You have to play at your best!
– So you two rescuers show how you are going to pull him out.
– OK, enough. Stand up. Get it?
– Got.
– So everybody understand?
– Yes!
– You need to play perfectly to make everything be truly. I want everybody who ever saw this be believed in it.
– As-salamu alaykum!
– Salam!
– How are you? Chlorine-loaded truck is coming. God bless we win! Our preparations are complete. Is everybody ready? Does everybody know what to do? Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God)!

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