After the Turkish military and militants from the so-called rebel Free Syrian Army took Afrin city under control, the Kurdish activists living in Europe attack Turkish property and of all those connected with Ankara – cafes, cars, and even mosques.

This movement considers all the actives and objects connected with Turkey to be targets for attacks. This campaign is called #Fight4Afrin.

All the activists’ actions become more radical and happen almost everyday, the center of the protest movement is in Germany, where the Kurdish activists even use Molotovs and stones in their attacks, worsening of relations between the Kurds in Syria and Ankara.

The DITIB, a key Turkish Muslim network inside Germany, was attacked with incendiary Molotov cocktails.

Also one of car dealerships was under attack in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia.

Also the Kurdish activists occupied the headquarters of the German political party demanding cutting ties and cooperation with Turkey.

Such an activity close to extremism is dangerous for the Kurds who may be seen by the international community as real threat which Ankara is fighting in the Middle East.

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