Last year, the tears of Trump’s daughter Ivanka were the basis for United States’ attack on Syria. The latest accusation against the Syrian authorities of chemical attack on Douma residents are not yet accompanied by the emotions of the American leaders’ family, but the Western establishment no longer sees a peaceful solution to the situation.

One of the first international organisations to respond on chemical attacks reports was the European Union. They said the intelligence information confirms the chemical agents are in hands of Syrian government and this weaponry had been used in Eastern Ghouta. However, most of information about the alleged attacks comes only from local medical organisations like Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM) and, of course, Syria Civil Defence (White Helmets), known for its connections with jihadists.

To understand if it worth trusting these sources, let’s remember our last year’s video on White Helmets’ propaganda methods.

Against this backdrop, the EU statement on “intelligence” sounds quite interesting. If this is the way they name an information from the organisations, listed above, then the European Union kinda implies there are connections between the White Helmets, SAMS and the intelligence community. It’s all just conjectures, but who knows …

We see reports only from organisations whose applications depend on the source of funding. In most cases, this is either the US or the UK. Neither the UN nor the Red Cross comment the situation in Douma, because there has not yet been an investigation and there are not sufficient grounds to accusations. Although, the Red Crescent staff told media that they found no trace of the chemical weapons use in Douma.

The Red Crescent sub-branch in Douma was declared out of service after these statements, which also suggests the pressure from the West. As an official reason, many consider the tensions inside the town.

So the technology works well. Under the guise of medical volunteers, politically engaged organisations fabricate a pretext, which becomes the basis for accusations of the Syrian authorities. No one would ever think that people who save the lives of Syrian citizens can act in the interests of one or another warring side. But the facts say the opposite. Hypocrisy in action.

By now many, including Donald Trump, have criticised Damascus and are gradually beginning to draw the UN into this process. But it is possible this time Washington will also do it without international mediators. There is only one question: which of the American leaders’ relatives will drop tears to give the order to launch rockets?

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