ISIS Withdraws from Headquarters in Aleppo's Al-Bab City

The Syrian Army forces took back almost 300 square kilometres.of land in Northeastern Sweida after ISIS terrorist group pulled its fighters back from 14 villages.

According to the source, ISIS has left the Khirbet al Sa’ad, al Qasr, Bastareh, Rajm al Daleh, al Saqiyeh, Tal Asfar, al Fadyan, al Shohayb al Qarbi, al Shohayb al Sharqi, Tal Masitabeh, Taloul Salman, al Shafraney, al Sweimereh and Ba’ar al-Qasab villages to the East of the main road connecting Damascus and Sweida cities.
The government forces took control of the villages after ISIS’s withdrawal. The army’s artillery units and the country’s warplanes targeted ISIS’s movements and position as the terrorists were withdrawing from the villages.

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