ISIS leaders sent their injured terrorists for treatment to hospitals in Turkey.

According to the source, there has been an agreement between ISIS leadership and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) on provision of health services in exchange of payment (the source claim the ISIS monthly income from oil sales was about $14 million).

Daesh commander sent their wounded fighters to Turkey in case local doctors could not provide terrorists with relevant medical care. Islamic state extremists crossed the border freely because Turkish border guards were informed by MIT officers and also ambulances were awaiting them. Jihadists were allocated to hospitals throughout the country depending on needed treatment.

The reports claim not only Turkish doctors treated them – but also Syrian doctors who left Syria for political reasons and hated president Bashar al Assad.

SMM Syria has already reported on a number of accompanying documents submitted to ISIS “Immigration Authority” by “the Ministry of Health” requesting to send terrorists to be treated in Turkish hospitals.

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