A large number of ISIS terrorists left Syria and got Turkey and Iraq by paying a large sum of money.

According to “the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, over 85 families of ISIS terrorists were transferred to Turkey through areas held by the SDF and TFSA militants.

According to the SOHR, every Deash militant has paid $10,000 to be allowed to leave the region, noting that a terrorist of the Uzbeki origin even paid $50,000 for himself and his family members to escape.

The report says a total number of 1,400 people were secretly evacuated from Baqhuz Fawqani on several trucks, adding that hundreds of them have been moved to Iraq.

The SOHR also claims the US military helped tens of thousands of ISIS terrorists and their families to get out of Eastern Euphrates.

In turn, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Hassan Salem also claims nearly 3,000 ISIL terrorists were evacuated from Southeastern Deir Ezzor on over 30 trucks and under the US supervision.

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