Islamic State terrorist group released a video showing the beheading of ‘a Russian intelligence officer’ it accused of spying in Syria. The footage appeared on Tuesday on the page of the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist publications and media. But the story in this video seems to have some bloopers.

The so-called Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officer Cpt. Yevgeny Petrenko was shown supposedly confessing to attempting to infiltrate jihadi groups in the Caucus, Turkey and Syria, where he allegedly contacted Chechen militant Omar al-Shishani, who has since been killed in a US air strike.

Petrenko was dressed in a black jump suit speaking with militants in prison, before kneeling in a desert and urging other Russian FSB agents to surrender.
‘This idiot believed the promises of his state not to abandon him if he was captured,’ Mr Petrenko said, before he was beheaded by a Russian-speaking ISIS terrorist.

ISIS previously released a footage showing captured Cpt. Petrenko in September 2016. He asked Russian officials to ‘do everything possible’ to release him.

The Conflict Overwatch and the Special Monitoring Mission to Syria teams analyzed those footages and there are some things showing the whole story is fake.

Firstly captain Petrenko claims he is a ‘non-regular employee at 2nd field office in Russian FSB’. A big mismatch is in here. Non-regular FSB (and also lots of security services around the world) employee cannot be an active operative. All non-staff personnel have special ID but they cannot have any rank and be assigned to conflict zones. By the way, ISIS did not show any kind of identity documents, which could prove Petrenko connection with Russian security services.

Secondly there is no ‘2nd field office in Russian FSB’ and it never existed.

Thirdly Petrenko said he is from the Moscow satellite town called Tsaritsyn. Actually, there is no such town not only in Moscow Region but also in Russia. Wiki sources said Volgograd city was formerly known as Tsaritsyn but this name it had many centuries ago.

We believe the real story behind the footage is the following. A man calling himself Yevgeny Petrenko is a radical Muslim who fought previously alongside terrorists in the North Caucasus. Then he fled to Syria and joined ISIS. But things went wrong (we assume that he intended to come back to Russia or he betrayed terrorist organization or something like that) and Islamic State leadership wanted him to make it up in a special way. That’s how they decided to invent the story about the FSB officer.

The Islamic State claimed in the video that Petrenko began working with Russian security service when he was in the North Caucasus before fleeing to Syria. The ex FSB officer who wished to remain anonymous, told us terrorist groups operating there are no great threat to Russia nowadays as it was during the first and second Chechen war. That’s why Russian security services are fighting terrorists here, mostly using force, but not such risky human intelligence implying infiltration. He also added that FSB address problems of internal security. There are other structures for external operations, he said.

‘Fake it will you make it’ – that’s a new motto of ISIS media specialists. Terrorists are losing ground and now trying to revenge by producing cheap propaganda videos with lots of goofs.

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