The Syrian pro-government forces stormed ISIS’s defense lines in Eastern Homs and could win back a strategic village in the region, killing at least 15 terrorists and wounding tens of others.
The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS in the Eastern part of the village of Abloyzeh and managed to take full control of the village, leaving 15 terrorists dead and tens more wounded.

A field source said that the army men also targeted and destroyed several ISIS’s vehicles.

A military source said on Tuesday that the army troops engaged in very fierce clashes with ISIS near the energy-rich fields of al-Sha’er and Jazal, wining back terrorists’ positions one after another in the key region.

The source added that al-Sha’er oilfield would come under the army’s control soon.

The source went on to say that ISIS’s defense lines were collapsing and the terrorists were continuously retreating from energy-rich regions.

Another Syrian source said that the army’s engineering units were defusing hundreds of handmade bombs and landmines planted across the regions around the oil and gas fields and along the roads to al-Bayarat al-Qarbi region.

The source said the army’s engineering units tried to cleanse the region to pave the ground for faster and easier advances of the army towards the oil and gas fields.

The Syrian and Russian fighter jets meantime bombed ISIS’s positions in al-Tar and al-Heil heights, the source said, adding that the army is advancing against ISIS slowly in the region due to natural barriers and heights.

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