ISIS assault drone campaign had been totally supplied by companies with British roots.

According to the USMA West Point report, iBacs Ltd company has been drawn into supplying ISIS terrorists with UAVs through its subsidiaries, includiniBacs Trade International LTD, iBacs Electronics LTD, iBacs IT Solutions LTD, iBacs Technologies LTD, and IBacstel Corporation LTC.

The iBacs companies were headquartered in Wales, but the company also had a satellite office in Dhaka, Bangladesh and reportedly another office in Jordan. According to press reports, the iBacs enterprise—in addition to the countries already listed—also engaged in business activities in Denmark, Australia, and the United States.

Two brothers of Bangladesh origin, Siful Haque Sujan and Ataul Hague Sabuj, played a pivotal role in supplying terrorists with drones. They incorporated and ran a number of IT, electronics, and web services businesses in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and Spain—entities which were used by them and their co-conspirators as front companies to move money and materiel to Daesh.


Siful Haque Sujan was killed in Syria on December 10, 2015, in a drone strike conducted near the ISIS HQ in Raqqa.


The network’s drone-related purchases, which were made by leveraging the cover of at least five different businesses headquartered in three countries, were driven by at least two main goals and appear to have occurred in two phases: acquisition of drone, rocket, and counter-surveillance components; and then acquisition of commercial drones and other component.


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