Four people, including a child, died in an explosion that targeted Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) militants in Idlib city.

According to HTS-affiliated Iba Agency, a bomb planted on a road in the industrial area of Idlib exploded when a vehicle with HTS militants was passing by it. He confirmed that at least four people were killed. A woman was also wounded and taken to hospital.

IED bombs and assassinations keep hitting the areas under HTS control in Idlib province and elsewhere in Syria. The attackers target military commanders and religious leaders.

According to Clatham House researcher Haid Haid, both Turkey and ISIS as well as the Syrian government and foreign  actors could stand behind the assassinations of HTS-linked figures. Another option is an internal conflict within the ranks of the jihadi group, fueled by the rivalry between the pragmatists, represented by HTS’s leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani, and the hardliners, oriented towards Al-Qaeda.

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