According to the information we got from our sources, the body of Chechen militant Abu Mujaheed al Shishani was found in Darkush town of Syria’s Idlib province.

He was Hayat Tahrir al Sham security police member and a Turkey’s intelligence agent. His ‘occupation’ rose numerous questions on the cause of his death. Some say he was going to take a high position in group’s leadership. According to other messages, he attempted covert assassination of HTS leader Mohammad al Joulani but failed and was eliminated.

Moreover, yesterday we got reports another HTS commander was killed in Idlib.

To finish with, our sources said a few days ago two jihadists from Turkey and Germany were blown up near Darkush. Infightings and mutual assassinations between armed groups in Idlib keep on killing and wounding numerous militants.

All these facts indicate the situation in Idlib is getting worse and the armed groups have to settle things up and cooperate with Turkey, Russia and Syria in making peace in the province. Otherwise they will finally kill each other and ease the crisis settlement process.

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