Residents of refugee camps in Syria continue to suffer from dire living conditions.

According to United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Senior Humanitarian Advisor Najat Rochdi, more than 70,000 people remain in al Hawl refugee camp of Hasakah province. Reports say the lack of food and medicines has caused the deaths among civilians.

Rochdi also called on countries with influence in the Syrian conflict to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Rukban refugee camp, where some 29,000 are in critical need for food assistance.

The following footage demonstrates a woman from Rukban camp claims refugees suffer from a lack of water, food, medicines, electricity, etc. She says militants keep the money, that organization allocated to residents. Also the US-backed fighters demand payment for the exit from the camp.

The video message shows former Rukban camp refugee sends a letter to his mom saying he could escape the Camp for his last money and get the government-held territories.

This man claims refugees suffered from diseases and thirst and nobody helps them there.

The Russian Ministry of Defense the control by the US and its allies over Rukban and al Hawl camps delays the effort to end the Syrian conflict, worsens the crime situation and also creates the risks that terror groups might return to Syria.

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