Members of Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) terror group continue to use arbitrary detentions as their preferred approach in suppressing the civil dissent in the area under the group’s control, local sources report.

On Monday, HTS terrorists attacked and detained Omar Haj Qaddour, an opposition activist who also works an a photographer for the international news agency Agence France Press.

“Hayat Tahrir Al Sham [members] attacked and detained me and my colleagues, hitting and humiliating us for gaining permission for reporting on Turkish patrol from Faylaq Al Sham only, and not from them,” Qaddour wrote on his Twitter page in the morning.

Sources confirmed that Qaddour and a number of other activists were detained and taken into custody by HTS.

Last Friday, HTS members detained Ziyad Pasha, Sharia Judge in Afrin Court, who was visiting Bab Al Hawa area in northern Idlib. It is believe that the group intends to exchange Pasha for the HTS members captured by Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army factions in Afrin.

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