HTS tank inside Maarat Misrin, 03.01.2018

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants have managed to capture Maarat Misrin city in northern Idlib after heavy clashes with a recently formed Jabhat Tahrir Souria (JTS) alliance.

According to local sources, several hundreds of militants and several tanks participated in the offensive that was supported by heavy artillery and rocket fire. Several civilians were injured in the clashes in addition to huge material damage caused by the shelling.

The HTS militants have already introduces a curfew in the city and arrested a number of civilians, accusing them of supporting JTS.

In recent weeks, Idlib province has suffered from rapid deterioration of the security situation as clashes erupted between HTS and a newly formed Jabhat Tahrir Souria . As a result of the clashes, HTS militants have abandoned several areas in Idlib province and withdrew from the town of Morek, which serves as a crossing point between the areas controlled by the government forces and the opposition.

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