Hay’at Tahrir al Sham has to forcefully recruit IDPs from refugee camps in Northern Syria to replace extreme casualties.The SAA conducted several successful operations against HTS terrorists in Hama and Idlib and managed to eliminate large and well-trained groups last month.

Jihadists have a significant lack in manpower that makes them to take desperate measures to restore fighters quantity. HTS leaders enforce violent recruitment among internally displaced people and refugees. Islamists torture them and deny their families access to the food, water and medical care to make them join the groups.

However rookies engaged from refugees has extremely low operational capabilities, battle skills and motivation, they are poor equipped with weapons and ammunition. In fact HTS uses them like “Cannon Fodder”. Local people react to inhuman treatment by protests against jihadists presence in the region risking their life.

Thereby successful SAA anti-HTS campaign in Northern Syria makes terrorist groups take desperate decisions like force recruiting. HTS is almost defeated and Idlib is the last its stronghold.

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