Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) group has recaptured several areas in Aleppo and Idlib provinces it previously surrendered to the rival Jabhat Tahrir Souria (JTS) group.

According to HTS media outlet Ibaa Agency, the militants managed to capture the villages of Batbo, Kafr Naseh, Babbaka, Al-Jina and Ibin west of Aleppo, forcing the JTS to retreat.

Local sources reported that the HTS counter offensive was supported by its partner group, Turkestan Islamic Party. The sources added that HTS is currently amassing troops on the Atarib direction which is likely to become the next target of the offensive.

Previously, the HTS militants dealt another blow to JTS by capturing Maarat Misrin city in Northern Idlib and detaining several local citizens for supporting JTS.

In recent weeks, Idlib province has suffered from rapid deterioration of the security situation as clashes erupted between HTS and a newly formed Jabhat Tahrir Souria . As a result of the clashes, HTS militants have abandoned several areas in Idlib province and withdrew from the town of Morek, which serves as a crossing point between the areas controlled by the government forces and the opposition.