Members of Free Syrian army factions who were evacuated from Eastern Qalamoun to Idlib province have been detained by Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) group, local sources reported.

A field commander of Ahmad Abdo Forces Anas Jerodiah (Aby Malek) along with his brother Qassem Jerodiah and a group member Rabia Khazzae were unexpectedly arrested by the HTS militants.

The representative of Ahmad Abdo Forces Said Sayf confirmed these reports, saying that the HTS members gave no reason for the detention. He also added that the group has never been in a conflict with HTS.

Some sources suggested that the arrest was a part of the campaign against the supporters of settlement with the Syrian government.

Last week, local councils of Jisr al Shughour and Al Ghadfa have simultaneously issued statements threatening those who support settlement with the government.

In turn, the recently formed National Liberation Front (Al Jabhat al Wataniya li Tahrir) has launched a crack down on the supporters of settlement with the Syrian government in Hama province.

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