Hay’at Tahrir al Sham terrorists take control of almost the entirety of Idlib province, which allows them to set their own laws to profit from it.

Despite the lack of public support, HTS has succeeded in becoming militarily the most powerful group in the province of Idlib. Militants have managed to keep hold of large swaths of territory and exercised military superiority over the rebels’ National Front fo Liberation coalition. However, it is opposed not only by all external forces with an interest in Syria but also by many ordinary residents.

A citizen of Aleppo’s Atareb town, whose name cannot be disclosed in public for reasons of his own security, had to lock doors, close shutters and hide in his house with his family fearing to be spotted by al Qaeda-linked terrorists. “They came in and started shooting everywhere… We are very, very afraid. They will kill us all,” he said.

HTS repeatedly kidnaps civilians or commit other crimes to extort money. Militants also launch campaigns of raids and arrests under the pretext of arrest and prosecution of persons accused of belonging to ISIS or work for the Syrian government forces or the Free Syrian Army factions which they often clashed with them. But detained people are often ordinary persons.

Hay’at Tahrir al Sham jihadists commit any acts of terrorism and violence to cash in on it.

Moreover, extremists are hindering the arrival of humanitarian aid that was being sent by organisations linked to the German and French Governments. The aid was aimed at providing medical care and support to local councils that have been financially and technically debilitated.

And speaking of earning money, it is important to note the recent case of another crime against local residents of Idlib province. Members of the terror group reportedly ripped out the floorboards of a mosque in Ihsim town searching for antiquities.

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