Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) militants have captured a field commander of the Islamic State terror group in Idlib province, HTS media outlets reported.

The HTS militants managed to locate and detain Abu Hassan al Masri, who is reportedly responsible for a number of explosions and assassinations in opposition areas.

The incident comes as a continuation of the crackdown on ISIS by HTS.

Yesterday, the HTS militants stormed a terror group’s hideout in Jisr al Shoughur, killing the commander of the cell Abu Said al Shishani. The cell’s head administrator Abu Aisha al Saheli was captured alive.

A day before that the HTS fighters have located and killed head of an Islamic State sleeper cell responsible for the assassination of 9 HTS members.

In the recent months, Idlib province has witnessed a rise in the infighting between HTS and ISIS. Dozens of militants of both terror groups were killed in the sporadic clashes and assassinations.