How does the WWW-deception factory work?


Every Syrian citizen perceives the slogan “Russian Aerospace Forces” as not as an empty phrase. For the army men first of all it is associated with front line troops’ advancing and for terrorists with imminent defeat. The terrorists’ sponsors are suffering financial and reputation losses due to RuAF successes. And that is why the so-called human rights defenders appeared.

One of them is the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. So, what is it, to put it mildly, questionable Internet resource in reality? According to the information published as early as 2013 by “New York Times”, the organization consists of a single person. His name is Rami Abdulrahman (aka – Osama Ali Suleiman) – an unsuccessful businessman who became an oppositionist. A fugitive human rights defender, hiding from the Syrian justice (he has three criminal cases in his homeland) moved to a cozy place which belongs to the British intelligence services and is the founder and sole employee of the Syrian Human Rights Observatory. Contrary to its name, the headquarters of this organization is located not anywhere in Syria, but in the capital of Great Britain – in London. Moreover, Suleiman has not been in his homeland for more than 15 years. At the same time, he claims that he receives information from 200 (!) anonymous sources, including public activists and militants (!) in various parts of Syria. However, he regards the social network as the main source of information, which, as practice shows, is recently used rather as a channel for various kinds of information “forgery” and “fake”.
What can two hundred anonymous sources tell? How do they identify the facts, record the destruction, identify the striking aircraft, identify and count the killed militants and civilians? Maybe these are the same “experts” who spread in social networks pictures of a year ago, handing them out for fresh photographs of air strikes committed allegedly by the Russian Air Force? Or those fighters for whom to make a “selfie” next to the bodies of the Syrian soldiers killed by them is a common thing?
It is obvious that the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” and the information they provide is nothing more than a big falsification, as it does not provide any evidence to protect its publications. Unlike Russia does. The Ministry of Defense has repeatedly devoted its briefings to the dispel of the “myths” about air strikes against civilian objects in Syria. All flights of Russian aviation are recorded on video. Each projectile and every bomb has a documentary evidence of where, when and against whom it was dropped. Everyone can see all the reports, as well as visit the official resources of the military department on the web. But for some reason, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is silent about these facts. As well as about the American bombing or the activities of the terrorists themselves
It turns out that the center cited by the entire world’s media has become a link in a chain of global deception designed to hide from the world public what is actually happening in Syria and other countries that have been victims of the aggression of the West and the radicals and extremists used by it.

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