Germany is unaware of 160 citizens whereabouts, who previously left for Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.
According to “The Sun”, the British newspaper, a third of the 1,050 Germans who had joined the Syrian militants in the past returned home, and 220 are considered killed.

Berlin believes that most of the 160 remaining citizens of the country also died, but some of them could escape.

At the moment, about 800 foreign jihadists, together with 700 wives and 1,500 children, are detained by the Kurds.
The US permanently calls on foreign states to take “their” militants back.

Having in mind the failure of the so-called ‘Arab spring’ after Bashar Assad could retain its power against terrorists, moderate jihadists and armed opposition, Western countries now easily make a poker face and are reluctant to get back those extremists, they could even breed to achieve political goals. The policy of double standards in its best.

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