اتفاق لفتح معبر نصيب... تحت السيادة السورية

FSA reportedly agreed to hand over Nasib border crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian border to SAA in exchange for the release of 100 prisoners and detainees in Syrian prisons.

After the establishment of de-escalation zones in the South of the country, the Syrian government and the Russian reconciliation center intensified talks with armed groups to open the road from Khirbet Ghazaleh to Nasib and restore government control of the border crossing.

The Russian Reconciliation Center is working to gather representatives of Damascus and the armed opposition to reach an agreement on the crossing point.

It was reported that the Jordanian authorities exerted pressure on the militants because It’s interested in the resumption of trade as the loss of Amman for the reason of the FSA control on the trade route more than 800 million dollars annually.





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