The clashes between Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham movement (HTS) and its former affiliated group, Jund Al-Malahim, have erupted in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib province.

According to local sources, the clashes have started the previous night and continued till Monday, December 4th. The HTS militants attacked Jund Al-Malahim positions near the villages of Iblin, Balioun and Mshoun in Sahl Al-Rouge area,

It was reported that several militants from each side were killed in the clashes. The reason behind the conflict remains unknown as both groups have not commented on the issue yet.

The clashes have added tension to the already difficult relationship between HTS and other armed groups in Idlib province. Moreover, the HTS suffers from and internal rift caused by the detainment of the Al-Qaeda loyalists by the current leadership of the group.

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