The militants of ISIS-affiliated Jaysh Khaled bin al-Walid has gone on the offensive in Yarmouk camp south of Damascus after the arrival of several foreign military commanders to the area.

It was reported that a Saudi and an Algerian military commanders along with a Sharia judge Abu Ahmad al-Iraqi arrived to Yarmok camp several days ago.

According to local sources, the terrorists managed to capture a section of Haifa street from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) group also active in the area.

In turn, HTS media channels reported that several Jaysh Khaled bin al-Walid members were killed in the clashes. However, the channels confirmed that the HTS militants had to retreat.

It is believed that thousand of foreign fighters, including those affiliated with ISIS, remain in Syria. The militants pay thousands to smugglers to escape the few remaining ISIS pockets and reach the border with Turkey via opposition-held areas.

The US-led International Coalition has failed to address the issue of foreign fighters so far. During the recent meeting of Defence Ministers of the coalition, the participants discussed the fate of the foreign fighters detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the main US ally on the ground in Syria. The meeting ended without reaching a final decision on the issue.


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