The United States have been supporting the Kurdish organizations operating in the North of Syria for a long time providing them military equipment and other supplies.

Washington keeps on using the PKK/YPG groups as a ‘ground force’ of its own military in Syria, ensuring its power in the Middle East. This caused tensions with United States’ NATO ally – Turkey.

All the attempts of Washington to create a puppet Kurdish state in the North of Syria to become a new factor of destabilization of the region. At the same time, Kurdish forces being hit badly by the Turkish military in Syria started to actively attack Turkish real estate and organizations’ offices in European countries.

Experts say these Kurdish activists are now mostly radicalized because of the events in Syria and ready to ‘wage war’ in Europe. This situation is also very complicated because of the possibility of the White House to impose sanctions against Iran, Russia and Turkey which are the guarantor states of Astana peace process.

Though, it’s not clear whether Washington is ready to do this just to save its influence in the region as the breaking ties with Turkey may lead to a crisis not between the two states, but also in Alliance and in Europe.

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