Our source has provided a number of accompanying documents submitted to ISIS “Immigration Authority” by “the Ministry of Health” requesting to send terrorists to be treated in Turkish hospitals.

The following pictures are cover letters that had been send by Daesh health workers to the “Immigration Service”. The letters say a need to send some terrorists named Suf’yan Ahmad Salah, Abu Halami al Ghutani, Ali Asi, Sayfuallah al Karar and Mohammad Da’ud Saleh Abu Khubba to get treatment in Turkey and go there with their accompanying persons:


Next images, in turn, reveal the same request of permission to some people named Atyiah Majed Ruman and Thabit Mohammad Younis to leave “Caliphate” to get treatment in Turkey, but without accompanying persons.

ISIS not only sends its fighters to seek treatment in Turkey but their relatives as well. The following picture demonstrates a request to send a daughter of a some Abdullah al Ghazawi with her mother and uncle to Turkey to receive medical care:

The next image is almost the same request – the ISIS  “Ministry of Health” appeals to the “Immigration Service” to send a son of some Khaled Abu Mohammad with his mother and brother to Turkey:

The following document describes an interest incident that occurred in the Iraqi province of al Anbar. A wife and a sister of some terrorist Abu Islam Kurdi were stabbed by a PKK member (his fate remains unknown). The terrorist’s wife had been pregnant and a knife killed a fetus… The “Ministry of Health” appeals to the “Immigration Service” to send them to Turkey because “it is not possible to treat them here:”


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