Detained terrorist has admitted that he planned an attack in Turkey on assignment for the US-backed YPG ‘Future Syria Party’*.

An improvised explosive device has exploded near Sadiq Hendawi school in Jarabulus city of Aleppo province. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured.

A mounted on a shop security camera captured the terrorist at the time of the explosion:

We provide a tape script for those, who do not speak Arabic:  – Here is that motorcycle. – Look where it came from. From Abu Watfah that is near a gas pump. He followed a car with a tent. – Now he will get out. Came around the car. Cycled around the blue car and turned. Stopped on the corner. Look he was looking for the remote control. – Stays here. Looks towards Abu Watfah. – He is looking over his shoulder. – Blew up and biked a little ahead. He will turn around and be back on the road.  – Turned around and returned.

Local police found him and arrested after a while.

According to the source, the following facts became clear during his interrogation:

  • His name is Mohammad al Hadj Mohammad and he hails from Rasm Al Akhdar.
  • He has agreed to commit a terrorist attack in exchange on a sum of money on which he wanted to score drugs (Al Hadj has admitted that he is a junkie).
  • Chairman of ‘Future Syria Party’* in Manbij city Saleh Khodor Mohammad is his cousin.
  • Mohammad al Hadj Mohammad also admitted that he had earlier carried out a number of terrorist attacks.
  • The terrorist claims he was supposed to commit a terrorist outrage in Turkey, but couldn’t get across the Turkish-Syrian border.

According to the source, he was detained at a checkpoint – a remote control has fallen out of his pocket during an identity check.

* The ‘Future Syria Party’ was launched in Raqqa city with the initiative of the US officials, signalling US’ future plans for Syria.

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