Islamic state (AKA Daesh, ISIS and ISIL) terrorist yesterday suddenly attacked the positions of the Syrian military that situated to the North of Al Bukamal (Abu Kamal) and with force crossed the river of Euphrates.

First news agencies reported that ISIS jihadists attacked the Syrian Arab Army units in the vicinity of Ramadi and Bakan. The militants forced the Euphrates river in the areas of Hajin and Sha’Fah and knocked the SAA servicemen off Ramadi and Bakan. According to local activists, Daesh command now performs through that corridor manpower rotation and supplies for the groupings in the desert of Homs Province.

The Syrian army confirms the attack in this area, but underlines that the offensive was carried from the West, i.e. from the desert. According to the SAA regional HQ, the militants attacked some fortifications of the Governmental forces on the road from Abu Kemal to Jalaa. Official report also say the attack was successfully repulsed as most of ISIS attackers were killed.

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