Traditional three red stars in the middle of the Syrian rebels flag were replaced by the Shahada.

The ‘Constitutional Commission’ led by Bassam al Sah’yuni has issued the following statement:


Decision 130:

From the ‘President’ of the ‘Constitutional commission’ (Hay’at al Ta’sisiyah):

– Based upon the legislation and structure of the ‘Constitutional commission’ year 2017

– And a regular meeting on Sunday, 2018/10/28

– And with the requirements of public interest

Following is decided:

Article 1: Adopts a banner for the liberated areas consisting of four colors and they are:

Green on the top, white in the middle and black in the bottom, and written in the white middle with red in Arabic letters are: لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله (There is no god but God and Mohammad is the messenger of God).

Article 2: This decision is deemed effective in the vicinity of the Syrian liberated areas.

Article 3: This decision shall be notified to whom it is necessary so it is implemented around all of the liberated Syrian areas.

Signed and stamped by:

Bassam al Sah’yuni, ‘President’ of the ‘Constitutional Commission.’

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