Northern Syria witness an intensive and sometimes even devastating internal conflicts between the clans and tribal armed groups operating in the area.

Reports say at least 2,000 civilians were killed the internal clashes of the armed groups supported by the United States and Turkey who fight for control and money in Northern Syria.

For example, Washington-backed mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces who operate along with US military instructors and advisers in the North of Syria, after ‘liberating’ Raqqa city and province from ISIS paid no attention to the situation in the areas under their control. Overwhelming humanitarian crisis is reported from the SDF-controlled territories – people suffer lack of food, drinking water and medicines, children have no opportunity to go to schools. Explosions occur in civilians’ neighborhoods periodically.

The number of so-called indirect victims among the peaceful civil population in Aleppo, Raqqa, Hasakah and Deir Ezzor provinces day after day and is to be noticed by the international community and human rights organizations who just today begin to make cautious notices concerning the troubles in Syria.

The so-called Free Syrian Army backed by Turkey also actively terrorize the locals in Aleppo as they periodically hold rallies against FSA presence in their towns and villages. FSA ‘opposition fighters’ have been spotted looting the houses of peaceful citizen. Moreover, internal clashes between the armed groups of FSA for money and influence became normal for Northern Syria. Humanitarian situation is almost the same as in SDF-controlled regions though Turkey tries to demonstrate it provides help to the refugees and those who decided (or were forced) to stay in TSK/FSA-held cantons of Aleppo province.

All these actions led to crisis in Northern regions of Syria. It destabilizes the situation in the whole country. People in Aleppo, Raqqa and Hasakah provinces hold large-scale rallies from time to time. The last one was reported at Jarabulus city where people demanded FSA and other pro-Turkish groups to leave the area.

Obviously, the large-scale uprisings will start. It’s just the mater of time.

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