SMMS’s independent reliable sources provided exclusive data on Ahrar al Sham suicide bombers who have attacked Al Rashidin district of Aleppo on April 15, 2017.

The VBIED driven by Ahrar al Sham suicide bomber exploded in close vicinity of  evac buses with Shia locals from Fuaa and Kefraya in Syria’s Idlib province. The evacuation operation  performed as a part of an agreement made by Damascus and the rebels sieging the villages.

The attack killed over 130 civilians with 80 children among them. Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Rupert Colville called this attack a ‘war crime’. The journalists’ investigation has disclosed Ahrar al Sham cooked two more attacks on a refugee convoy, but something went wrong and only one of three suicide bombers coped with the relentless mission to attack the buses.

We obtained a few bunches of papers particularly allowing jihadists to get weapons and munitions they need to conduct a a terrorist attack. The certificates also disclose an estimated bus convoy route in Aleppo suburbs and the places of the three prepared attacks.







Possible terrorist attack scenario:

1. Khan-al-Asal district, where was planned the first failed attack


2. Al Rashidin district, where was terrorist attack on April 15, 2017


3. The road next to “3000” district, where was planned the third failed attack


Moreover the SMMS sources provided  the names of all three terrorists who had to attack people in al Rashidin.

1.    Succeeded suicide bomber Faras Abdullah (فراس عبدالله), born in Syria’s Deir Ezzor city, lived in Turkey. Ahrar al Sham members still use his Facebook account.


2.    Suicide bomber who failed to attack civilians on April 15, Anas al-Shami (أنس الشامي), was born and lives in Idlib city.

anas shami.png

3.    Suicide bomber who also failed to attack the convoy, Ahmad Yousef, was born in Jordan, lives in USA. He is a friend of Anas al-Shami on Facebook, so this fact proves Yousef’s connection with Ahrar al Sham group.

ahmad Y.png

Moreover, Anas al-Shami is a friend of a Saudi citizen Mohamed Nihad Sayed Issa on Facebook. The latter probably funded and coordinated this current Aleppo attack.


So, we end this report by quoting a part of an article of honored Robert Fisk in The Independent:

“If Trump cares so much about Syrian babies, why is he not condemning the rebels who slaughtered children? Dozens of children were killed in Syria this weekend but where is the US president’s lament on how ‘beautiful’ they are, let alone action? Where are the denunciations by the EU and the UK? The West must react with equal outrage when it is Shias that are the victims of terrorism. Or do we just not care? But what ultimately proves our own participation in this immoral and unjust and frightful civil war is our reaction to those two massacres of the innocents. We cried over and lamented and even went to war for those “beautiful little babies” whom we believed to be Sunni victims of the Assad government. But when Shia babies of equal humanity were blasted to pieces this weekend, Trump could not care less. And the mothering spirit of Ivanka and Federica simply dried up.
And we claim that Middle East violence has nothing to do with us”.

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