بالفيديو: إعترافات داعشي يكشف تفاصيل تنسيق وشراكة ما بين تنظيم داعش الإرهابي والقوات الكردية "قسد" المدعومة أمريكياً، لتنفيذ هجمات على قوات الجيش العربي السوري في دير الزور.

Публикувахте от в Сряда, 31 януари 2018 г.

Captured ISIS terrorist tells SAA soldiers details of the US, SDF and ISIS cooperation in Deir Ezzor.

SMM Syria has come across a leaked footage screening social media. The footage was previously published by Lebanese Bousla news agency on its page in Facebook.
The video shows an interrogation of ISIS terrorist captured by SAA soldiers during clashes on Hawijat Kati Island in the Euphrates river.
His name is Abu Walid. He was born in Deir Ezzor city in 2001.
He told that had been previously captured by SDF militants during clashes in Deir Ezzor province. Abu Walid was one of those who preferred to surrender to US-backed fighters. According to him,the surrendered ISIS fighters were redeployed to training camp located in the desert of SDF-held areas. The camp was a preparatory complex for ISIS members, in which every militant received three meals per day and comprehensive care.
He said their training took place under the guidance of Kurdish Arabic-speaking Arabic-speaking instructors. After a month of practice, all the terrorists were divided into groups of 12 people. The Kurdish instructors gave eavh US-made weapons, ingluding M-16 rifle, two equipped mags and American hand-grenade.
Several militant groups were deployed across the Euphrates river by boats in October, 2017, when the Syrian troops have been attacking ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor. The militants were ordered to seize strategic points on the territory controlled by the government forces. The order to force the river was given by the Kurdish commanders.

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