The Syrian government forces detained 20 Toyota SUVs with Iraqi license plates carrying 60 French military specialists ‘on board’. They simply got lost in Hasakah province on their way to the positions of Syrian Democratic Forces.

On May 1, the French snipers’ trip started in Syria-Iraq border where the SDF fighters met them and escorted to the Hasakah province’s Qamishli city (divided into zones controlled by SDF and SAA with a strategic airbase).


But for some reason the Kurdish escort left the French specialists in the Malikiyah town, and they tried to move further to Qamishli themselves following the directions for the city and their map.

The French guys planned to enter Qamishli via the SDF checkpoint, but they turned to bypass instead and reached the only SAA checkpoint outside the airbase.

SAA soldiers detained the suspicious column, the French didn’t mean to resist as they were sure they came to their Kurdish/SDF allies as they had no info on SAA checkpoint in the area. Syrian military found sniper rifles, thermal scans and other special military equipment in the SUV’s.

The group leader told Syrian special service they arrived to Syria to help SDF to fight Islamic State terrorists. After Qamishli the French specialists were going to travel to Hasakah city and then move to Deir Ezzor province.

The Kurds and SDF officials started to look for the French guests in two hours. After intensive negotiations SAA released them as now Syrian government forces and SDF are allied fighting terrorists in the region.

This is the first evidence of large-scale deployment of French military in Syria. Obviously, the American President Donal Trump and the French leader Emmanuel Macron didn’t lie saying that the US allies joined the ground operation.


  1. French men in Syria, bearing arms? They should have been disarmed and jailed at minimum. Or simply shot. What’s wrong with the Syrian mind?

    • They are in agreement that both sides need to fight ISIS. SDF and Syrian Gov are usually on good terms when they actually talk to each other.

      • SDF ( Syrian “Democratic ” Forces ) are terrorists since they fight on the US side and against Syrian civilians .

    • Wonder , whom they are gonna snipe ,if not Syrian soldiers ? (May be Palestinians ? )
      Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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