RuAF launch airstrikes upon Nusra strongholds in Idlib, dozens of militants killed in Harasta, Turkish Army seems to be ready for an operation against Kurds North of Halab.

RuAF jets hit HTS troopers in Idlib. SAA and the allied forces fight militants in Harasta as Russian warplanes attack Nusra men in Idlib. Meanwhile HTS struggle regime forces desperately in there.

The Syrian Arab army and radical groups continue fierce fighting in the area of the vehicle maintenance compound in Harasta. Sources report that within the clashes government troops managed to destroy the HQ of the terrorists and killed quite a few militants. However, socials report of the losses in the ranks of SAA too.

The Turkish armed forces are visibly preparing for operations against the Kurdish entity in the region to the North of Aleppo city.

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