Arms Control Association Criticizes the US-UK-French Airstrikes on Syria


The US-based Arms Control Association (ACA) condemned the military strikes launched on 13th of March by the US, the UK and France against the Syrian targets allegedly associated with chemical weapons research and production.

“Military force cannot be the only means of responding to these atrocities, and, so far, it has not been an effective means of deterring the further use of chemical weapons in Syria,” the Washington-based organization has announced on Sunday.

In a statement the ACA described the US airstrikes as inconsistent with international law despite the coordination with both the United Kingdom and France.

The UN Charter prohibits “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” This portion of the UN Charter has three exceptions, none of which apply in this case:

1-Syria has not consented to the strikes;

2-the U.N. Security Council has not authorized the strikes;

3-the United States is not acting in self-defense.

The ACA has expressed its deep concern that the latest military operation was taken without specific authorization by the U.S. Congress and with only little consultation with Congress.

It also stressed this case that the President can take military action under only his own authority raises constitutional questions, and causes concern about the potential for the President to initiate military action in other theaters, including against North Korea in ways that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons.

There is a risk of Russian casualties which could lead to an escalation of hostilities in Syria or elsewhere, said the ACA, urging the United States, the UK, and France to provide as much detail as possible to demonstrate the Syrian government’s responsibility for the latest chemical weapons attacks in Douma.


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