Syrian Sheikhs claimed total support for the Syrian army and condemned foreign interference in Syrian internal affairs during the Tribal Conference in Aleppo.

More than 50 the most powerful Syrian tribal leaders from the Eastern Euphrates and representatives of the numerous political and social organizations attended meeting in Aleppo city last week. Many of them took part in the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Russian Sochi in winter 2018.
Tribal leaders presented in the end of the event the joint statement, which announces a total support for the President al Assad and his struggle for the Syrian territorial integrity and independence.
Sheikhs strongly condemned foreign attempts to “dismember Syria” and undermine its sovereignty. Tribal leaders stressed: “nobody is allowed to carry out destructive policy in their country.” They demanded immediate and total withdrawal of the all foreign troops, which are based in Syria violating local and international laws. Leaders also called Arabs and Kurds “to unite and enhance national liberation struggle against colonialists.”
Sheikhs asked the international society to lift economic sanctions on Syria, because they negatively affect civilians, worsen humanitarian situation and put obstacles in the way of reconstruction of the country.
Attendees also made a proposal to amnesty rebels, who did not take part in actions against government forces to integrate them in a peaceful life.
Thus this event demonstrates, that al Assad pursue a stable policy aimed to build united Syrian nation based on the comprehensive dialogue contrary to foreign attempts to fragment Syrian people and deteriorate social and political situation.

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