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The Syrian social network spreads a video from the newly formed group named „Popular resistance of Manbij“.

In the footage a spokesperson states the formation is well prepared to uprise and fight to anti-Syrian forces in the region of Manbij. The speaker of the group also threatens the Turkish, American and French forces that operate in the area.

Meanwhile this is not the first attempt to form guerrilla movement on the territories of Syria lacking control of the Government in Damascus. „People resistance forces“ (PRF) is another example of such groupings and they operate around Raqqa. The „Popular resistance of Manbij“ as well as PRF have an Iranian trace in the design of their logo which is a hand clenched in a fist with a weapon. The pattern was first used by the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and then became an invariable attribute in the logos of various Shiite groups such as Hezbollah and etc.

The Syrian Government also takes advantage of similar factions for instance to fight against the Western invaders and for the reunification of Syrian lands. The tribal unions such as „Peoples tribal resistance“ are on the Damascus side in those policies.

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