Go after this!

The USAF jets have recently targeted the Syrian army convoy which was moving towards the Syria-Iraq border.

The Pentagon officials said the attack was launched as the SAA troops have been allegedly approaching Al-Tanf town where US SpecOps operatives were on mission.
So why did this happen?

The United States and Great Britain lead New Syrian Army units in support of the anti-Asad forces in Daraa province. They also take advantage of the situation to seize deserted areas that ISIS does not control at the moment.

The undermined ISIS positions in Syria allowed Washington and allies to seize heavily disputed territories in central and southern Syria. The main objective for the US in the south of Syria is still to let FSA forces in East Qalamun join the rebel units that redeploy from Jordan. For this reason they need to gain control over the crossroads to the south of Al-Karjanein. Incidentally, the US SpecOps units have been spotted there several times. That is why the US Armed Forces command eventually decided to “be on the safe side” and targeted the Syrian government troops convoy, thereby ensuring security for their forces. And the fact that it looks like Washington supports terrorists, which according to American generals being at is allowable costs.

Military and political experts say this attack must be strongly condemned. Such American’s behavior is an act of deliberate ‘government terrorism’ since the US military is illegally on the territory of the country. Also the US double standards are getting apparent one more time. This is unacceptable violence of the US military against the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic. In this regard, it should be emphasized that Washington’s statements that Bashar Al-Assad is the cause of the conflict aggravation look hypocritical and deceitful.

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