SAA soldier himself burnt three armored vehicles of al Nusra in Western Ghouta.

In Western Ghouta Syrian Army units repelled a counterattack of an armored group of T-55 and T-62 tanks, BMP-1 and MG pickups. Meanwhile one of the SAA’s Kornet ATGM operators managed well to personally burn 2 tanks , a BMP and a truck with mounted ZU-23 as his mates destroyed 2 more.

The rebel attack on the positions of the 7th and 4th mechanized divisions  was successfully repulsed with heavy loss amongst militants as equipment, up to 50 killed and wounded were totally wasted. Sources report from the scene that the offensive looked frankly like an act of desperation as the territory controlled by the militants in Western Ghouta has been steadily declining, and some militants  often think and say of surrendering to the government forces like in Maadamiah, Daraya and al Hama but the radicals are still not appeased.

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