Syrian President Bashar Al Assad held a new speech on Sunday during a meeting with a number of local council heads from all over Syria.

During the speech, Syrian President voiced the readiness to reconstruct Syria, thanked the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces for their contribution in fighting terrorism, blamed US for supporting ISIS and its destructive role in Syrian crisis.

President Al Assad said that today terrorism is suffering defeats in one area after the other and security is being restored to millions of Syrians in liberated areas. “With every inch that is liberated, there is an enemy that is thwarted, and with every inch that is cleansed there is an agent and a traitor and a mercenary who complains. Why do they complain? According to their statements, they complain because their sponsors failed them” – Assad said.

“The scheme of imposing hegemony on the world led by the U.S. hasn’t changed and the reality of our people’s resistance has become more solid, affirming that the homeland isn’t a commodity; it is sacred and it has its real owners and not thieves,” Assad told the audience.

“After all of those years, the agents haven’t learned that nothing gives a man his value except his real belonging,” the Syrian President said, adding that the only way to get rid of misguidance is to join the reconciliations and to hand over the arms to the Syrian state.

The Syrian President turned his attention to the Kurdish groups in Syria, warning them not to trust their American partners.

“We say to those groups who are betting on the Americans, the Americans will not protect you. …you will be a bargaining chip in their pocket along with the dollars they have, and they have already started bargaining. If you don’t prepare yourselves to defend your country, you will be mere slaves for the Ottomans. Only your state will protect you and only the Syrian Arab Army will defend you when you join it and fight under its banner.” Assad added.


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