Americans Suffer Moral Defeat on Syria


As the situation around Aleppo gets severe and the US keep on clumsily push up a subject of a “humanitarian convoy” which looks even more strained.

Secret agreements with Russia recently revealed by AP caused a criticism from radical militants oscillating between pro-American militants and the Syrian al Qaeda franchise.

Threats to Russians and Assad have not yielded any results rather than scary faces posed by US delegation to the UN Security Council could not stop SAA offensive in Aleppo.

Suggestions related to the imposed unilateral no-fly zone (when only American led coalition aircraft may bomb its opponents) impressed no one and have eventually revealed the American diplomats being apart from reality and throwing cheap threats to save the militants who suffer setbacks at Aleppo.

Moreover new talks with Russia on the fast broken Syria’s agreement are unacceptable to the US as an open acceptance of these terms will cause a serious unrest among the subordinate militants, not to mention severe criticism inside the country’s political circles.

Handling a Syria’s rebels is also a tough deal since a greater part of them wants to obtain arms from America but is correspondingly willing to obey either al Nusra or al Qaeda. At this stage the US administration allowed Syria policy drift apparently anticipating the end of the presidential campaign.

The hysterically made airstrike at Deir-Ezzor, recent wagging about secret terms of the agreement with Russia as well as cancelled attack of the Kurds in al Bab, troubled relationship with Erdogan and green patches in the North of Syria –all make a mediocre output, especially when it is being compared to Pentagon’s beautiful plans in January. Raqqa is certainly not to be taken this year as there are small chances for a siege of Mosul to begin. Thus over a month before the presidential election in the United States, Obama’s administration is ready to pass to its successors solid debris of the foreign policy.

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