As you might have noticed we regularly publish information about American support for ISIS in Syria. Two years ago when the Syrian Government Forces and their Allies from Russia and Iran went over onto offense on terrorist, US Special Forces (especially of the 160th aviation regiment) conducted multiple helicopter evacuation ops. to move the leaders of Daesh to some save heavens in Iraq or other countries like Sudan, Somalia or even Afghanistan to make them counterweight Taliban.

Now the Americans have to save ISIS again. A few days ago reliable sources reported and presented visual evidence to US helicopters evacuated the leaders of the ISIS Afghan division from the mountainous regions of the country after the Taliban began to actively push terrorist away.

The photos presented right here allegedly show US SOCOM soldiers within the ranks of militants in Afghanistan during a preparation for evacuations. How many proofs to America’s illegal activities throughout the world have to appear in the media or on the Internet before international society comes over to say definite NO to Washington demands or commands. Well, this matter is still an open issue.

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