The armed opposition groups based in South-West Syria are obviously a mix of both FSA and terrorists. Meanwhile on the verge of great defeat in Daraa Province they issued a unified statement in which they agree to negotiate with the Damascus Government official.

According to the statement, what is happening now in the Southern regions of Syria is ‘not a fight against terrorism, but a genocide of the civilian population that is being carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and their Allies in the face of international  community.

At the same time, the militants agree to a bilateral ceasefire and negotiations with UN guarantees. The militants emphasize that they intend to settle the conflict and legalize.

Such illogical actions of unified opponents to Bashar al Assad in Syria are perfectly understood. Now they are on the threshold of complete and unconditional defeat. Until this happens, all possible options, including tearful appeals to the world community and the UN, as well as, just in case the world powers do not intervene, negotiations with the government, are called to help urgently. Otherwise, the opposition is to be completely destroyed in the desert of Daraa.

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